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It feels quite spritely for a car of this size and handles pretty nimbly too with accurate steering and little pitch and roll in corners - although the pay-off for this good control is a slightly firm ride which rattles over larger potholes.
4Fish-4 Fish-Slapping Dance TWO men sporting safari gear teeter on the edge of Teddington Lock, dancing nimbly and slapping each other with fish.
Created by American Robert B Weide, especially for its star Nick Frost, pictured, Mr Sloane nimbly bridges the cultural and language divide between the free-spirited flower power of 1969 California and buttoned up Watford.
How Salafis Supported the Constitution in Upper Egypt While the Muslim Brotherhood and most other non-Nour Salafis railed against what they called the 'coup and its constitution', the Nour Party nimbly tried to navigate the landscape.
The online video shows a somewhat shaky takeoff and a low pass above the runway, but also reveals a sleek auto design that can maneuver nimbly in and out of normal parking spots.
According to a post from Random House: "The format will allow us to publish more quickly and to nimbly embrace what's new in each genre, delivering exciting, fresh, and varied new works every month directly to the digital devices of today's most eager readers.
As they moved nimbly from one song to another, the audience swayed.
The company sought a technology partner that could nimbly support its multiphased business strategy.
Hopping nimbly among three distinct timeframes, helmer Basu deconstructs the film's sentimental thrust to stress his hero's in-the-moment ingenuity; its genuine appreciation for Chaplinesque slap stick and sped-up chases gives it definite crossover possibilities.
Rock Me Baby featured the lusty fretwork of a guitarist whose fingers still scamper nimbly when demanded, while the recent yet steadfastly traditional One Kind Favour was the unsentimental reflection of a man ready to meet his maker.
Screenwriter Morgan - the man behind The Queen and TV film The Deal - displays an amazing capacity to find the drama and entertainment in moments from recent history and the film version is nimbly directed by Ron Howard.
nim*bly \-bl[macron over e]\ adverb <Then the vendors had to dodge nimbly to avoid being trampled under the heavy hooves .