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Using the second set of stimuli, the relations A1B1, A2B2, B1C1 and B2C2 were trained for the go response, as well as the relations A1B2, A2B1, B1C2 and B2C1 for the no-go response, as shown in Fig.
Arguing that it has to import 24 million tonnes of washed coking coal in 2008-09, steel ministry said seven coal blocks allocated to the sector involving 22 companies are blocked due to the no-go categorization.
The lowering of the alert level from four to three should not be interpreted that the unrest of the volcano has ceased," PHIVOLCS said in its bulletin, adding any possible sudden explosions were likely to occur only within the no-go zone.
Yet Rabbi Shlomo Odze, from Birmingham Central Synagogue, claimed multi-culturalism had 'backfired', although he did not believe there were no-go zones.
Speaking in Downing Street, Mr Brown said: "I know that there are pressures in many areas of the country but I don't accept that there are no-go areas.
This experience-based market learning is critical to market success and helps develop better business judgment for a go or no-go decision.
6-square-kilometer area becomes a no-go zone for many residents of this city of 22 million.
A HOUSING estate has been declared a no-go area by driving instructors after repeated attacks on their slow-moving cars.
Intrepid reporter John Gilheaney gave our four girls below three choices - marriageable, bonkable or no-go - for each of the five blokes.
There are private ones that are no-go areas for housekeeper and dealer alike.