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On the other hand, if wage slavery were abolished, and I could earn some spare money without paying tribute to an exploiting capitalist, then there would be a magazine for the purpose of interpreting and popularizing the gospel of Friedrich Nietzsche, the prophet of Evolution, and also of Horace Fletcher, the inventor of the noble science of clean eating; and incidentally, perhaps, for the discouraging of long skirts, and the scientific breeding of men and women, and the establishing of divorce by mutual consent.
Boxing, rat-hunting, the fives court, and four-in- hand driving were then the fashion of our British aristocracy; and he was an adept in all these noble sciences.
Gentlemen, as a means of elevating the standard of Practical Medicine and Surgery in West Virginia--and to render quackery odious, as it deserves, the want of State Medical Organization is severely felt by all true cultivators of our noble science within the limits of the state.