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Furthermore, the educational system in the United States is proof that politicians and bureaucrats, even with the noblest of intentions, cannot run an institution as effectively and efficiently as the private sector.
Like Christianity, it embodies man's noblest aspirations.
But as a senator from 1937 to 1950, Pepper showed what was noblest in the New Deal: passionate commitment to the down-and-out.
She assured the teaching community that they were important members of the society, adding that teaching has been universally acclaimed as one of the noblest profession.
Mahler was a man who never understood ``why some commonplace melody always spoiled the most noblest passages.
If, in The Washington Monthly's corner of neoliberalism, the central concern, from which all the specifics flow, is a desire for the United States to function as a community in the noblest and freest sense of that word, then Lamm isn't in that corner.
Kashif asked all the traders to provide utmost relief to people displaced from NWFP and FATA as it is noblest of cause.
Hahn waxed poetic at the celebration of City Hall's rededication, calling the building ``a symbol of man's noblest achievement in government.
You can actually see the love she has for this noblest of professions and for the children she teaches.
In political life, understood in its truest and noblest sense as the administration of the common good, they can find the path of their own sanctification.
Al spent his life in pursuit of one of the noblest of causes, the improvement of our public schools,'' President Clinton said Saturday in a statement issued by the White House.
They should know that he died in the noblest of causes - the pursuit of peace.