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The complete maxim cited in the case goes as follows: Prohibetur ne quis faciat in suo quod nocere possit alieno: et sic (g) utere tuo ut alienum non laedas.
Primum non nocere is particularly pertinent in anaesthesia.
If we accept as our guiding principle Primum non nocere ("First do no harm"), then perhaps stapes mobilization has a place in otologic surgery.
However, since no study has shown the benefits of [beta]-blockers for all-cause mortality or cardiovascular mortality when used as monotherapy for hypertension, their use for this indication clearly violates the principle of primum non nocere.
Because these operations place otherwise healthy individuals at risk and violate the traditional first rule of medicine - primum non nocere (first, do no harm) - hospitals should provide each potential living donor with an independent donor advocacy team to ensure his or her voluntary and informed decision making, the committee recommended.
The guiding principle of ethics comes from the Latin phrase "Primum non nocere," which means, "First do no harm.
Broadband Access: Primum Non Nocere or Primum Processi?
A potentially exciting new method for plaque stabilization, a major cause of sudden cardiac death, will also be developed with the primary intent of primum non nocere (First, Do not Harm; Hippocrates) while improving patient outcome.
Primum non nocere is the dictum of physicians: First of all, to do no harm.
Sex is an arena in which Primarum Non Nocere must be applied multi-dimensionally: prevention of disease, enhancement of dignity, enlarging the human spirit.
Primum non nocere should not be forgotten, even here.