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The judge nodded, and leaning forward, for a few moments fixed his eyes upon the prisoner.
The strange man, after glancing at Joe, and seeing that his attention was otherwise engaged, nodded to me again when I had taken my seat, and then rubbed his leg - in a very odd way, as it struck me.
She not only nodded three times but waved her hat, and I arose, having now finished my dinner.
To all appearance the man was engrossed in his own work, but when she paused he nodded his head appreciatively.
Hamilton Fynes nodded gravely and took his seat in the car.
She nodded, while Bob pricked up his ears to the knowledge that he had a strange rider on his back.
This time Martin nodded, and Joe lamented, "Wish I was.
The doctor nodded civilly, half thinking that the stranger's uncommon greeting was perhaps in deference to the historic surroundings.
I nodded comprehension of his statement, and acquiescence in it, as a man should nod who knows all about men.