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Road pavement noisiness investigations are conducted using CPX method (ISO 11819-2:2000 Acoustics--Method for Measuring the Influence of Road Surfaces on Traffic Noise--Part 2: the Close Proximity Method) where the level of noise emitted in the tyre/road contact surface is measured with a set of test tyres or applying SPB method (ISO 11819-1:1997 Acoustics--Method for Measuring the Influence of Road Surfaces on Traffic Noise--Part 1: the Statistical Pass-By Method) where the rolling noise levels under passing of vehicles category "1" (passenger cars), category "2A" (dual-axle heavy vehicles) and category "2B" (multiple-axle heavy vehicles) are measured.
Growth rate of loudness, annoyance, and noisiness as a function of tone location within the noise spectrum.
Third, given the noisiness of household data, the small size of the PSID sample is likely to make the estimates imprecise, particularly in cases where I focus on just a subset of the sample.
This noisiness disturbs the observation process, making it a challenge to discover any companion planets," Wolszczan said.
The National Parrot Relinquishment Research Project reported that, of the total number of birds relinquished by owners for a 12-month period, 19% were relinquished because of biting and aggression, 15% because of noisiness, and 6% because of feather-destructive behavior.
Miller's design, first tested in a wind tunnel in his family's garage, changes the sound produced by the turbine to a more pleasant buzz without increasing the noisiness of the blades.
When Ekwensi placed girl hawkers in the same category as these loud of mobile inanimate objects, he perhaps unconsciously highlighted the three key attributes of girl hawkers- their noisiness, their itinerancy, and their ironic invisibility.
Obstacle: Residents in this exclusive neighborhood voiced concerns on how new additions and landscaping would impact the look and noisiness of their community.
It embraces some physical features such as noisiness, smelliness, throng, and some more abstract thought-provoking issues, for instance, individuality, anonymity, autonomy and, most prominently, a sense of a new moral order which is based on the slackening control on their sexuality and their discontent with their summer job arrangements.
Nevertheless, this method requires expending of a bigger amount of energy to make the streaming medium move, which translates into a higher noisiness of the equipment.
28) This quietly omnipresent noisiness which crosses borders between states is a crepitation, a cloud of sonic abrasions, a persistent sifting of matter, an atomisation of difference between subjects and objects.
Some say "kids will be kids," and parishioners should tolerate their noisiness, Cheerio-munching and inappropriate discussions of bodily parts at the moment of consecration.