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Walking through the noisy and noisome city the novice immigrant would have to acquaint themselves with not only reading skills but skills of sensory literacy which they could use to familiarize themselves to the city through their encounters with new scents, sounds, tastes, and tactile input.
Trouble is, well-meaning idiots will throw food to these noisome pests.
But her real genius is putting the action on a crippled, noisome ship that the world seems to have forgotten.
Cocalis said SunSet City has the potential of becoming a "noisome trade'' and cites a state law that says: "No trade or employment which may result in a nuisance or be harmful to the inhabitants, injurious to their estates, dangerous to the public health, or may be attended by noisome and injurious odors shall be established in a city or town except in such a location as may be assigned by the board of health thereof after a public hearing has been held thereon.
The MIC values for noisome encapsulated CPFX were more than free CPFX.
The fumes produced by smokers, noisome and damaging in confined spaces, dissipate harmlessly in the open air so cannot truly be said to cause any real offence or harm to those around them.
Neither the introduction of the noisome gambling machines nor the endless computerraces computergenerated races filling the screens from bogus venues like Steepledowns and Sprintvalley (if the betting shops were to devise more interesting names for their pretend racecourses these might be less irritating.
Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
What is noisome about the Mexican modernists' inability to pinpoint the origin of violence is that they are so perceptive in finding circuitous ways of equally making Europe partially responsible for and exonerated from involvement in the bursts of carnage in Mexico.
You [the Man] thus employed, I will go root away / The noisome weeds which without profit suck / The soil's fertility from wholesome flowers" (3.
But the death of this fro-ward person, and ungracious patron, brought not the Realme quyete, nor delivered it from all inward grudge, and intestine division, which to all Realmes is more pestiferous and noisome, then outward warre" (Bullough 112-13).
The reason for slower release of the drug from noisome encapsulated complex may be the interaction of complex with the lipid/surfactant bilayers and bioenhancers.