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But the new nomadic population of clerks and artisans, constantly shifting their homes from one suburb to another, or their children from one school to another, could have no corporate continuity.
A large proportion of malnutrition among the pastoral Fulani children reported in this study was due to changing food habits caused by pressure of changes from a nomadic to a sedentary lifestyle.
The people in question are drawn from nomadic communities, many of whom were notified as 'criminal tribes' by the British from 1871 onwards, as the authorities were suspicious of their constant mobility (Radhakrishna 2001).
Precious steppe; Mongolian nomadic pastoralists in pursuit of the market.
THE Titanic's tender ship, the SS Nomadic, is to be given a permanent home as a tourist attraction in the Belfast dry dock which played a part in her construction nearly a century ago.
In the course of his travels with nomadic tribes, Bob Shapiro rode an elephant across Thailand, a camel over the Sahara desert and a donkey through Afghanistan, all the while living and eating with the itinerant cultures.
They were given an insight into the motivations behind an installation by British sculptor Ronn Beattie, which is called A Nomadic Con-fusion and features sculptures made almost entirely from recycled materials.
The pilot is intended to help Bollore Telecom design and assess its WiMAX network as it looks to introduce new and nomadic broadband services in France.
Nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists in seven countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda) will benefit from the additional assistance.
For the Nomadic Museum, Ban specified walls of used shipping containers (which can be rented in every major city), supporting a roof frame and tensile PVC membrane braced by trusses atop two colonnades.
At the time, Emperor Wu-ti (woo-DEE) was fighting with the Xiongnu (hung-NOH), a nomadic tribe to the north.