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Juxtaposing incongruous systems of meaning and constructing his identity as nomadically disconnected from those pre-existing systems, the form of Humbert's incongruity-ambiguity humor reflects the structure of his relationship to meaning.
It involves "a distinct epistemology" that "is best understood as traveling nomadically or diasporically, holding no territory, and moving in an ad hoc manner.
Nomadically, excessively, he traveled between Hamburg, where he held a professorship at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste (teaching, or at least hanging out with, Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen, and Georg Herold, among others), and his commune in Willich, near Dusseldorf, where he entertained an ever-changing assemblage of guests ranging from Michael Buthe to Katharina Sieverding.
There has been an increased push since the 1st of July - when 30 families living nomadically were forced from land owned by Palestinian residents of Tubas, who leased the land to the shepherds.
On the enterprise side, we can also expect more companies adopting a managed WiFi network to enable employees working nomadically with their laptops or mobile devices inside the corporate premises.
To save money, I lived nomadically for the next seven years, crisscrossing America by car (and sleeping in that car more times than I care to admit).
Not to mention that once the tenets of agriculture were grasped, people could stop wandering around nomadically like the hunter-gatherers of yore had done (due to the need to constantly find new animals to hunt and gather) and settle in what would eventually become cities.
A parallel characteristic of fully developed honors students might be that they are able to engage twists and turns of thought, to think critically, experimentally, nomadically, and to climb in and out of rhizomes (messes of thought, messes in our world).