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The poet declares his subject to be the aition for the temple of Palatine Apollo as a panegyric to the name of Caesar: Caesaris in nomen ducuntur carmina: Caesar | dum canitur, quaeso, Iuppiter ipse vaces ('My songs are being composed in the name of Caesar; while Caesar is sung, please, Jupiter, you too, take a break').
e) c1300 Harrowing of Hell, Staffordshire (sWM) [112] 3 NIM (nam 2, nomen 1) 2 YAK (tak 1, toce 1)
So, in addition to supplying Kellogg's with a fist of potential names, Nomen also provided an audio selection featuring children from the target demographic.
More importantly, there is no evidence that such marks of effeminacy are meant to be read as signs of either homosexuality or physical abnormality: the Frenchman's pallor, for example, is due to his indulgence in the vice of Venus (`vitio Veneris'), (13) and in a striking final couplet he is reviled as a `capon' (`gallinae nomen habe'), castrated by French womanhood (`castravit Gallica').
Quod quidem et in Cantico Canticorum legimus, ubi Sponsae pulchritudo describitur, ad extremum infert: Absque taciturnitate tua; nolentibus, qui interpretati sunt, transferre nomen, quod in sancta Scriptura sonaret turpitudinem.
5pm Choral Evensong, Laudate nomen domini - Tye, Responses - Rose, Wood in E, O for a closer walk with God - Stanford.
Offering a justification for conquest (crusades), a cult (relics and Catholic rites), an order (Roman pontifical, bureaucratic), and ideology (universal salvation), they made a name for themselves among the people of the world: the nomen christianum.
Kipling, MTS, Muller Brot, Nabisco, Napolina, Narida, Natura, Nestle, Nestle Belgilux, Nestle Danmark, Nestle Deutschland, Nestle EspaSa, Nestle Finland, Nestle Grand Frd, Nestle Nederland, Nestle Norge, Nestle Portugal, Nestle Rowntree, Neuhaus, Neuhauser, Nevilles, New Sun, Nicholas & Harris, Niresa Food, Nis, Nissin Foods, NKL, NOM, Nomen, Norac, Norsk Iskrem, North-umbrian, Northern Foods, Novetta, NPM Capital, Nudespa, Nueva Rumasa, Nutrexpa, Nutrinveste, NutriXo, OHaras Bakery, Oakdale Bakeries, Oaktree Capital, OAO, Odlums, Oetker, Oetker TK-Back.
Naved has identified his slain accomplice as Mohammad Nomen alias Nomin, a resident of Bahawalpur in Pakistan," he added.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Cat Part No 4631050 Nomen Servo Assembly, Air-Set (Baseline Configuration)
Das gleiche Nomen in Form von titte, titti steht im westwotischen Dialekt fur Puppe und Kleinkind (vor allem fur ein Neugeborenes und Baby) (VKS 6 : 118).
a leading Spanish food company that markets rice brands such as Cigala , Brilliante , Nomen , Lustucru , Taureau Aile , Oryza , Bosto , Reis-Fit , Riceland , Danrice , and Risella and Panzani pasta and sauces.