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The advantages of maintaining nomenclatural stability by recognizing this clade at the genus level far outweighs the questionable value of splitting it into three separate genera that, in any case, remain as sister taxa.
Nomenclatural information, synonymy and description for both species are presented hereafter.
La propuesta nomenclatural de JohannChristian von Schreber fue validada por Dawson Turner (1775-1858): Bryum nutans (Hedw.
The apple snails of the Americas (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Ampullariidae: Asolene, Felipponea, Marisa, Pomacea, Pomella): a nomenclatural and type catalog.
Major Nomenclatural Changes Affecting Elsianus Sharp and Macrelmis Motschulsky, with Checklists of Species (Coleoptera: Elmidae: Elminae).
A review of nomenclatural conservation in the algae from the point of view of the type method.
Originally described in a May 1880 publication by Jordan and Gilbert (1880) and again by Jordan and Gilbert (1882) as Dasybatis dipterurus, the current nomenclatural combination first appeared in Jordan and Evermann (1896).
Las especies fueron corroboradas a traves de la revision nomenclatural de: Andean Bryophytes, (http://tropicos.
Resolution of some taxonomic and nomenclatural issues in a recent revision of Ceraeochrysa (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae).
52), but he does not oppose or reject Africology as a nomenclatural identity for the discipline.