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The distinctions discussed in this paragraph are examined additionally in the "Classification and Nomenclatural Issues" section.
From this work, taking into account synonyms and nomenclatural changes but excluding the accepted subspecific taxa, one can derive another list of the sedges known and reported to occur in Illinois, including 17 genera and 225 species, 138 of which were species of Carex.
2007), which is not rooted in any newly produced scientific data nor inspired in any more reasonable phylogenetic hypothesis, and just contributed to nomenclatural instability by means of proposed superfluous new binomials.
Two other taxa, Carex missouriensis (Cyperaceae) and Bothriochloa laguroides (Poaceae), are new to the state due to recent taxonomic and nomenclatural changes.
walshi, it does not constitute a nomenclatural problem requiring a neotype.
Its nomenclatural affinity with political and economic libertarianism (hereafter PEL) is by no means accidental, since, as I am going to argue, the viability of the latter depends on the viability of the former.
Nomenclatural Clarifications and New Taxa in the Glomeromycota.
Unionid Mollusca (Bivalvia) from Little South Fork Cumberland River, with ecological and nomenclatural notes.
a distinction between a hierarchy of material chronostratigraphic units (rock-time) and abstract geochronologic units (Earth time) units was required, and a dual nomenclatural system was codified.
Each combines regional flavor and nomenclatural freshness.
We also propose some nomenclatural improvements to fill gaps in the subseries rank and briefly discuss some recent developments in biostratigraphy and correlation with the international timescale.