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In the nomenclature which we derive from fabulists, des Lupeaulx belonged to the species Bertrand, and was always in search of Ratons.
The semi-barbarous hunters from the Canadas, the same description of population, a little more enlightened, from the States, and the metiffs or half-breeds, who claimed to be ranked in the class of white men, were scattered among the different Indian tribes, or gleaned a scanty livelihood in solitude, amid the haunts of the beaver and the bison; or, to adopt the popular nomenclature of the country of the buffaloe.
In connexion with this appellative of Whalebone whales , it is of great importance to mention, that however such a nomenclature may be convenient in facilitating allusions to some kind of whales, yet it is in vain to attempt a clear classification of the Leviathan, founded upon either his baleen, or hump, or fin, or teeth; notwithstanding that those marked parts or features very obviously seem better adapted to afford the basis for a regular system of Cetology than any other detached bodily distinctions, which the whale, in his kinds, presents.
4] So named according to Patrick Symes's nomenclature.
The alliteration is good, and there is something in the nomenclature that gives to us as a body the sense of corporate existence: Apprentice, Mate, Master, in the ancient and hon ourable craft of the sea.
The only practical advice I can suggest," said Fisher, thoughtfully, "is a little research into local topography and nomenclature.
It was very little, but enough to make him appear to her a Porson or Bentley, and to put him at his ease with botanical nomenclature.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev earlier signed the Decree on Introduction of the 2017 Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity.
Hyundai Motor Company (KSE: 005380), a South Korea-based automaker, is planning to withdraw the 'i' nomenclature globally in favour of individual model names.
The university management also changed the nomenclature of the post of Dean Students' Affairs as Director Students' Affairs from the date of the decision made by the Syndicate, the spokesman informed.
The book has 26 chapters and entails all functional groups IUPAC nomenclature rules in a stepwise manner.
The old nomenclature neither reflects current scientific knowledge nor provides clinicians with pharmacologic information useful in making informed treatment decisions.

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