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The introduction of our new SUV range in Q4 2015 is the ideal time to establish the new nomenclature as a prelude for the roll out.
The task force has created a new nomenclature along the lines of what's used for antihypertensive medications, where a drug's class - be it angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, calcium channel blocker, diuretic, or beta-blocker - describes its mechanism of action.
This will be the first time the URMIS nomenclature has been significantly updated since it was put into play in 1973.
According to the CSPA, because one ingredient can have several names due to the differing nomenclature used for various product lines, it is important to provide consistency so that companies participating in the Initiative are using the most common ingredient name.
Nor would it ever do so because there has always been solidarity among the members of the Cypriot nomenclature and everyone knows that the 'allowance' is just a ruse for boosting the income of the privileged few who, as Orwell said "are more equal than others".
The 2010 Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System (UMDNS) now contains 24,544 terms covering the expanse of medical devices and equipment used for modern healthcare delivery, including information systems, software, in vitro diagnostics, molecular and genetic tests, capital equipment, implantable devices, assistive devices, and consumables.
LAHORE, May 25 -- The Board of Studies in the Institute of Mycology and Plant Pathology and Board of Faculty of Life Sciences have already approved the change of nomenclatures of the institute and BSc and MSc degrees to remove the grievances over the status of the institute's degree to safeguard and brighten the job prospects of the students, Punjab University Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jamil Anwar CH said on Monday.
Is it just me, or are we in a time of nomenclature revolution?
This book reviews chemical nomenclature issues in the EU and US and their impact on regulatory compliance.
To the Editor: Our 2002 article in Emerging Infectious Diseases about nomenclature changes for organisms in the genus Pneumocystis (1) has been widely cited and probably will remain a source for persons seeking information about this subject.
Plants found in the wild are covered by rules called the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) and taxonomists, as the name implies, deal with a taxon (plural taxa) which is defined as "the international abbreviation for the "taxonomic group" or "taxonomic unit"
Terminology definitions published by IUPAC are drafted by international committees of experts in the appropriate chemistry sub-disciplines, and ratified by IUPAC's Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols.
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