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The acting VC told the students that the Board of Studies in the Institute of Mycology and Plant Pathology and the Board of Faculty of Life Sciences have already given their approval to the change of nomenclature from the Institute of Mycology and Plant Pathology to Institute of Plant Pathology, in addition to changing the nomenclature of degrees from BSc and MSc Mycology and Plant Pathology to BSc and MSc Agriculture by adopting the curricula of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Plant Pathology for the said degrees.
If the FLIS expanded its database to include a standard "approved nomenclature" (which would incorporate the item name but also include appropriate modifiers so that the data field length approached but did not exceed 64 characters), and if all pertinent DOD logistics databases used approved nomenclatures along with the corresponding NSNs, many of the data incompatibility issues plaguing DOD would be resolved.
It will offer a vehicle for harmonizing nomenclature and analytical approaches and serve as a reference for regulatory organizations to evaluate toxicogenomics data submitted as part of registrations.
Separately codifying artisanal products in international trade and customs nomenclatures can:
All of these independent decisions made by autonomous operating departments lead to a polyglot of data definitions for key clinical concepts and later to difficulty in standardizing clinical nomenclatures to define the findings and treatments for patients.
Because of Cognia Molecular's highly organized relational database architecture that utilizes controlled vocabularies and standard nomenclatures, the integrated information is amenable for analyses with tools such as Cognia Molecular's integrated complex querying engine and network builder.
Participants attributed guarantee participation only for nomenclatures for submitting a tender.
The use of standardised nomenclatures as the foundation for information is mandatory.
Participation in individual nomenclatures participation guarantee for any nomenclature in the amounts indicated in Appendix 4 of the documents for the contract award.
Participation in individual nomenclatures of lots participation guarantee for any nomenclature in the amounts indicated in Appendix 4 of the documents for the contract award.
paraskev stoyanov "ad - lovech by recurring deliveries not made by the contracting authority requests in lots and nomenclatures.
The participant must make a comprehensive proposal for all types of services / activities all nomenclatures of the technical specification.