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In the nomination contest, she's running well ahead of her chief challenger, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.
I anticipate that the effects of early voting on candidate support should be greatest when a presidential nomination contest features a clear front-runner and a challenger(s) with less exposure to the electorate.
No one knows right now whether Trump will flame out or prove to have staying power, but one thing is clear: He is not the only one injecting strangeness into the nomination contest.
That could make Rubio the third Republican senator to enter his party's presidential nomination contest, which is shaping up to be one of the most wide open races of recent election cycles.
Obviously, similar predictions did not pan out in 2008 as Clinton lost a spirited nomination contest to Obama.
The beginning of the end of Rick Perry's turn as not-Mitt-Romney in the 2012 GOP presidential nomination contest came on Sept.
Meanwhile, the very day after Mann won the nomination contest, Labour party leader Ed Miliband delivered a speech calling for more MPs from across the societal divide.
The last few decades of US political history indicates that the victor in presidential nomination contests usually leads national polls of party identifiers on the eve of the Iowa ballot (traditionally the first nomination contest of the election season), and also raises more campaign finance than any other candidate in the 12 months prior to election year.
These tensions are quite strong among Republicans as the presidential nomination contest heats up, partly because of religious disagreements among key constituencies, but partly because of differences in issue priorities-economic versus social issues," he added.
With many of the Barack Obama supporters who chanted that motto in 2008 drained by the health care fight, and with no nomination contest for governor or senator to pump their competitive juices, convention participants will seek other ways to ignite the party faithful.
Examining the role played by gender and the media in in first presidential nomination contest in which a woman was actually predicted to win, Lawrence (political communication, Louisiana State U.
He won Electoral College nomination contest the upcoming April election.