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Nominators should highlight how the nominee has leveraged his/her expertise and role to help save lives and protect property through accurate disaster safety messaging, targeted programs, or other public outreach initiatives.
Her "drive" and "skill" helped make their inaugural fund raiser a tremendous success, the nominator wrote.
And I don't think the local loathing is as universal as the nominators suggest - people who dislike something always tend to be more vocal, but I've heard a lot more praise for it than criticism.
One of her nominators wrote that “she is an inspirational and encouraging woman who is constantly inspiring her students with hope to reach a full life of success and achieved goals.
Nominators consist of a wide range of art professionals based across the Menasa and internationally, who have no direct commercial interest in artists they nominate.
Third, be careful to watch out for poor selections by the nominator.
Nominees must be past or present members of the BSI and nominators must be present BSI members in good standing.
These registers provide information about the trees' measurements, where they are located, and the names of the nominators.
The Thunder Bay native and former regional director at the Ontario Ministry of Finance was credited by her nominators for her business acumen and organizational skills in assembling a team to greet the first charter class in September, 2005.
It should include contact details of the nominator and nominee.
Nominator Comments: "The mentor of leaders," says Michael Simons, current president of FEI's Boston Chapter.
Schrawder Award, given to an employee who has proved to be a valuable asset to scientific projects both at sea and ashore; Rick Trask won the Vetlesen Award "for true selfless dedication of a major portion of him/herself to the entire WHOI community over a long period of time"; and the Human Resources Office won the Penzance Award, given to a group, for what one nominator called "exceptional work toward the betterment of the WHOI family.