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Non-uniformly melted resin will not yield uniformly good or identical parts .
Non-regular Multibeam Coverage Payloads offer substantial advantages to maintain an affordable payload complexity while offering substantial advantages in increasing the offered satellite capacity for non-uniformly distributed traffic request (preliminary assessment showed a potential increase of 50% of the offered capacity).
Among the topics are cell proliferation in the brains of adult rats exposed to traumatic brain injury, bloodflow analysis in epilepsy using a novel stereological approach, and quantifying in populations of non-uniformly distributed cells in the human cerebral cortex.
Heterogeneous mixtures contain at least two components that are non-uniformly distributed throughout a system.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) showed a round mass arising from the wall of the bladder dome, and with deep muscle invasion, the mass could be enhanced non-uniformly (Fig.
In single protostars, we would still see matter dumping onto the star non-uniformly, but never with the regularity or intensity of the bursts we observe in LRLL 54361.
Table 1 Cliquet option values with three non-uniformly spaced fixing dates (a) Average Average Maximum computational difference difference time with analytical with analytical formula formula Analytical 0.
Among specific topics are potential distribution around a non-uniformly charged surface and discrete charge effects, free energy of a charged surface, force and potential energy of the double-layer interaction between two charged colloidal particles, Derjaguin's approximation at small separations, the electrophoretic mobility of concentrated soft particles, the effective viscosity of a suspension of soft particles, and membrane potential and Donnan potential.
What makes this solution unique is that it is especially suited for handling non-uniformly sized, non-rigid items that, until now, required human interaction to ensure proper handling and packaging.
We have shown crucial steps in the derivation of the equation of motion of yarn: the introduction of the non-uniformly rotating obsrvation frame, the calculation of velocity and acceleration and the application of Newton's second law to an infinitesimal segment of yarn.
We prove that, even if the signal is non-uniformly sampled with an average sampling rate equal to the Nyquist rate, a uniformly convergent reconstruction is not possible.
While analysing the oedometer sample by numerical method, it was found that shear stress distribution in the sample was not uniform, and thus the vertical component of stress distributed also non-uniformly (Fig 4).
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