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Also the student must demonstrate means to return home if nonacceptance occurred.
There are many examples of nonacceptance such as, famously and satirically, garbagemen referred to as "sanitation engineers.
It was a top-class performance, not only football-wise but character, he showed a nonacceptance of the defeat when we were down 2-1.
I don't have a lot to add to what I said earlier," Ethan says, referring to his nearly nonacceptance acceptance speech for best adapted screenplay.
In addition to the criticism that their structure bears close resemblance to debt based conventional bond issues, there are currently two main reasons for the criticism in the Islamic finance circles; the sale and lease-back arrangement being close to the Bai Al-Inah and the nonacceptance of major schools of thought except the Shafa'i school of thought (in Malaysia) and secondly, criticism over the fixation of return.
Ultimately, he comes to realize that his revelation in the Manasquan Bar was not the reconciliation he had thought it was, that all these years and modes of accommodation, of coping, of negotiating the world in order to fit into it--my post-divorce dreaminess, the long period of existence in the early middle passage, the states of acceptable longing, of being a variabilist, even the Permanent Period itself--these now seem not to be forms of acceptance the way I thought, but forms of fearful nonacceptance, the laughing/grimacing masks of denial turned to the fact that, like the luckless snowmobiler, Chick Frantal, my son, too, would never be again in this life we all come to know too well.
Nonacceptance of one's sexual orientation can create conflicts about a man's identity as gay and result in his delaying or denying the expression of his homosexuality in order to establish heterosexual relationships (Taylor & Robertson, 1994).
75) Japan's geostrategic support for Taiwan will remain an obvious irritant to the prospects of a lasting peaceful compromise in the East China Sea, but on a practical level, Taiwan's nonacceptance of any agreement between Tokyo and Beijing could prevent meaningful application of confidence-building measures that would form the necessary first step of any lasting agreement.
Such policies have marginal impact and sometimes even cause resentment and nonacceptance, Singh told the meeting.
Closure statuses from the state or national RSA-911 data grouped the categories by the RSA definitions of acceptance and nonacceptance for VR services (RSA 1995).
denied were cancelled by applicants through either nonacceptance,