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2000), nonadherence not only affects the prognoses for those clients but also affects other clients, practitioners, and the larger community in four ways: (a) costs (loss of wages to treatment providers due to client cancellations); (b) space (other clients are unable to schedule appointments during times a cancelling client was scheduled); (c) frustration (on the part of the treatment provider due to client cancelations or resistance from nonadhering clients); and (d) lack of improvement (if they are not present in therapy, clients cannot benefit from treatment).
For nonadhering fillers like hectorite and silica, the rubber swells around the inclusion forming a vacuole which gets tilled by the solvent.
With this functionality managers could see for example if nonadhering agents are sitting in a group: a telltale sign that service standards are not being met by socializing.
newly developed intermittent cutting device to ensure nonadhering PVC pieces of uniform size; and
If the clothing does not remove easily, however, any nonadhering pieces should be cut away.
The second portion has a nonadhering surface and is fixedly coupled to the first portion such that the nonadhering surface is spaced apart from the first portion.
According to Kraus's theory (266), it is possible to distinguish between nonadhering filler and adhering filler by studying the effect of the filler on the extent of swelling.