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Infancy or minority; lack of requisite legal age.

Nonage entails various contractual disabilities and is a ground for Annulment in some jurisdictions.




noun adolescence, childhood, early stage, immaturity, infancy, legal immaturity, legal minority, period of legal immaturity, period of legal minority, tender age, youth
See also: adolescence, minority
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11) during "their yet ignorant Nonage, till Reason shall takes its place" (58.
for know the Florentine Dying a Prince powerfull and absolute Leaves the Protector in his daughters nonage Free like himself, and absolute: of power To promise and performe.
378) Locke continues: The Power, then, that Parents have over their Children, arises from that Duty which is Incumbent on them, to take care of their Off-spring, during the imperfect state of Childhood, to inform the Mind, and govern the Actions of their yet ignorant nonage till reason shall take its Place, and ease them of that Trouble, is what the Children want, and the Parents bound to.
The point is that Merrill's love of poetry from the first depended upon the element of mystery, which in his nonage he mistook for incomprehensibility.
In the first of the Olimpiads, amongst many other active exercises in which Hercules ever triumph'd as victor, there was in his nonage presented unto him by his Tutor in the fashion of a History, acted by the choyse of the nobility of Greece, the worthy and memorable acts of his father Jupiter.
23) Such genealogical hubris not only condemns Africans to perpetual nonage, but endlessly defers an incarnation of the Christian message into what is truly "other.
If such a thing shal happen, it may well be answered that such parties were Hermaphrodites, that is, had the parts of both sexes, which because of the weaknesse of their heat in their nonage lay hid, but brake out afterward as their heate grew unto strength.