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The nonappearance of PTI MNAs before the Speaker National Assembly for verification of their resignations individually showed their unwillingness to resign and their illintent stand fully exposed," Nighat Orakzai told.
She said he apologised to fans for Lady Gaga's nonappearance and said: "Don't get me started, you should have heard me backstage.
An interested bystander was England star Wayne Rooney, hoping to see his brother John come off the bench for Macclesfield, only to be disappointed by his brother's nonappearance.
I could visualise three huge venues packed to the rafters and me trying desperately to make excuses for the nonappearance of a head-liner.
KD: You can buy different types of coverage: There's event cancellation, nonappearance, and then there's weather insurance.
The fans get frustrated by some of the strange decisions he makes, such as the nonappearance of Brown and the re-appearance of somebody like Beresford who, in Brian's own words, 'hasn't seen the training ground'
Direct long-fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) compounding and molding is getting ready to expand beyond nonappearance structural automotive parts to exterior body panels.
The League had planned to make Hahn's nonappearance an issue by placing an empty chair on the stage to symbolize his absence.
Pieroth therefore asked a patent attorney about registering Edison's probably invented reason for his nonappearance.
He pulled out of the Welsh Championships at the weekend, preferring to give his strained hamstring an extra 48 hours to heal but with his nonappearance in Bratislava, doubts will be cast over whether he will be fit in time to defend his titles in this year's competitions, the first of which, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, is due to begin in slightly more than five weeks.
The appearance or nonappearance of interference fringes when these test signals are combined will tell the operator how to adjust the alignment of the mirrors.