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Internal gas molding typically cores or hollows out a part, a rib, or bosses, while external gas molding applies gas pressure to some or all of the nonappearance side of the part.
Benglis may have been notable for her nonappearance at the Whitney in 1969, but that just meant that her first important one-person show, which took place at Paula Cooper the next year, and her inclusion, along with Hesse, Serra, and Richard Van Buren, in a Life magazine article called "Fling, Dribble and Drip" were really ways for the public to play catch-up with a career that had already launched and was about to veer off in new directions.
He has been awaiting it for months, with no real idea of when it will begin, or even whether it will take place at all (although its total nonappearance would be quite a surprise).
There's no story there," said McCoy in an attempt to play down the controversy when asked to explain his nonappearance as part of the channel's post-race coverage.
Only the title gives us a clue as to how to account for this fascinating figure - fascinating for the camera trained on (presumably) her, but also for the viewer who waits for something to be revealed, for the stowaway to unveil her true identity, and whose fascination is stoked precisely by the nonappearance of that revelation.
Already established in the manufacture of bumper beams, nonappearance parts, and about 60% of the fascia made in North America, RIM is set to compete with SMC in exterior body panels, RIM materials suppliers say, thanks in part to some innovative reinforcing fillers.
LORD Mandelson's nonappearance at the Berlin summit to save Vauxhall is now perfectly clear.
The nonappearance of the invisible man provides a judicious visual complement to the work's structural relations of duration.
WESTGATE favourite Peter Black has been looking somewhat woebegone and forlorn of late as a result of his dramatic nonappearances in this column recently.
LATE withdrawals and nonappearances left the North Wales squad much depleted for the visit to the Welsh inter-region crosscountry championships in Pontypool but there was still much to celebrate, with four firsts, two seconds and one third place.