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The move reflects growing impatience in Germany at what is perceived as US nonchalance about being caught spying on a close ally.
The armed groups have shirked their commitments and shown nonchalance about the blood of Palestinians, the Palestinian minister said.
I adore the James Bond style nonchalance but it does seem just a bit too good to be true.
Summary: The British parliamentary rejection of military intervention in Syria Thursday night was not a sign of isolationism or nonchalance over the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, but rather it reflects a necessary use of caution and prudence in these chaotic times.
Bulldozers push the remnants of tents, posters, mattresses and everything else that was used in the makeshift camp with indiscriminate nonchalance in heaps, in complete disregard of what falls under their mighty shovels.
A ce moment la, vous n'aurez plus d'excuses pour replonger dans l'inaction, la passivite et la nonchalance.
No matter how cunning your planting scheme with its built-in "accidental" nonchalance and its carefully contrived naturalness, nothing you devise can ever hold a candle to the pictures that plants will create themselves.
According to Jovanovska, the thing which is clear is that Fule invested his entire authority and capacity to give Macedonia what it says is the country's priority, while we with an unseen nonchalance destroy his entire scenario on how to reach negotiations with the Union.
But then, what possibly takes the cake is the utter nonchalance with which the renowned - and by his own admission "immensely popular" - composer/singer utters: "I slapped a case against Dr Dre for lifting my tune [a part of his composition Thoda Resham Lagta Hai sung by Lata Mangeshkar, for those uninitiated]" and then in the same breath reveals: "I only used to lift maybe six of the 50 tunes that I composed, but today's composers lift almost all of them
Apres l'echec des negociations menees entre le gouvernement et les employes des Transports publics, ces derniers - ressentant un laxisme de la part des autorites et une nonchalance premeditee pour ignorer leurs revendications - ont donc decide d'entrer en greve partielle hier soir et menacent de la transformer en greves illimitees, au niveau de tout le pays, a partir d'aujourd'hui, a rapporte la presse locale.
Lastly, Gaga's face is strong-featured and expressive in the picture, instead of the stoic nonchalance seen in the montage.
55 Sandown A dandy (also known as a beau or gallant) is a man who places particular importance on physical appearance, refined languages and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance.