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coming twice a Liquorice The play originally Radio then (last Street Talisa) Rebecca When she overtook Mike McNamara in a trial on her way to seting a record, she nonchalantly offered him a Liquorice Allsort
A shot was heard, and quite nonchalantly - nonchalant in a way only blood can be - blood spilled over.
I suppose a fitting and nonchalantly British comment from him would have been, "And I want it back by 5 o'clock otherwise there will be a pounds 5 surcharge".
In town to promote her debut film at the Dubai International Film Festival in December, Pinto had nonchalantly replied there were no special men in her life and was focused on her career.
Nonchalantly rising above any great and definite achievement,
WHILE walking at Ormesby Hall recently I stopped to admire the peaceful view across the meadow where horses contentedly grazed and nonchalantly flicked their tails at flies.
Younger brother Skip, 19, is the talented flat-pick guitarist of the clan and Molly Kate, the baby of the group at just 16, plays fiddle so nonchalantly, she looks like she's putting in no effort at all.
Police were scrambled when two men were seen nonchalantly driving their car at a busy Nicosia intersection wearing plastic black hoods on Tuesday night.
I had never imagined my life to turn out this way but now when I'm in the midst of it all everything seems so normal and usual," she says nonchalantly.
The border collie auditioned nonchalantly yesterday for an important part in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is coming to Sunderland Empire next week.
I wonder what those fellows who nonchalantly worked on the bomb would have made of the chaos that the unnecessary panic caused in Coventry on March 12?
This must have been a painful last few months for Johanna what with the revelation of the Seaham killing fields, but it is good to know that while some people dispose of unwanted dogs so nonchalantly, others - and Miss Beumer is not alone in this worthy battle - are prepared to work so hard to ensure as many greyhounds as possible end up on a fireside rug rather than in an early grave.