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Trajectories of anxiety during elementary-school years and the prediction of high school noncompletion.
Instead, all the coerced, third-party support likely has produced several damaging, unintended consequences: credential inflation; sky-high noncompletion rates; and rampant tuition hikes.
So programs with high noncompletion rates ended up hurting their effectiveness ratio.
Some of the reasons for noncompletion included being 'unavailable' because of leaving Canada, death, inability to contact respondents, or simple refusal.
2) We coded noncompletion as four in the first rank-ordered logit model (ROLM1) and dropped the same observations in the second (ROLM2).
At the meeting, sources said, Kalmadi bore the brunt of a concerted attack from Khanna and Gill over the national and international criticism on the noncompletion of several projects and the repeated questions over the quality of material used.
Investing in offsets exposes buyers of these credits to risk of nondelivery, either through noncompletion of projects, technology failures that lead to the generation of fewer than contractually promised credits, or credit default or bankruptcy of the development company.
The authors concluded that personality features denoting difficulty relying on others' support (low reward dependence) are associated with treatment noncompletion in obese patients attending a behavioral weight-loss program.
Others, though, saw the move as stemming from Iranian frustration with Russian noncompletion of the Bushehr nuclear reactor and non-delivery of the S-300s.
Noncompletion of a task poses a statistical dilemma because the basis for comparison, i.