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Nevertheless, 16% of noncompliant patients later experienced a recurrence of their cancers versus only a 7% recurrence rate for compliant patients.
The qualitative component involved two focus group discussions involving 15 participants, one comprised of owners/operators from compliant FHEs who were selected from the zone with the highest certification status and the other comprising noncompliant operators from the zone with the lowest compliance rates.
Consequently, the number of noncompliant firms at 2002 shrinks dramatically to only four (with 24 bonds) for the cost of debt sample.
As of early February, 21 states were compliant, 21 states and territories had extensions, and 14 states and territories were noncompliant.
During the final data analysis, based on the assessment of compliance to gluten free diet, the group was subdivided into dietary compliant group and dietary noncompliant group.
bg, said that the equipment was to be installed within two months after that, after which one month would be given for tests, and noncompliant plants would eventually be disconnected only after that.
Noncompliant Income to Total revenue - Purification of Noncompliant income: The ratio of noncompliant income to total revenue should be less than five per cent.
5 million plans to rebuild the Bennington County state office building have been delayed for at least two months after contractors submitted plans that were noncompliant with state regulations commissioner of the Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services.
She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 years ago, but generally is noncompliant with olanzapine, 20 mg/d.
Chant argues that Clover's quotation is unacceptable because it exceeded the limitation on subcontracting and is noncompliant with the small business set-aside requirements in the RFQ.
The Cayman Islands in August moved off the OECD's grey list of noncompliant jurisdictions in tax standards.
Not only did they relieve McPherson of his duties supervising two research scientists; they wrote letters to the professor's funders at the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute and the National Institutes of Health, informing them that McPherson was noncompliant and no longer a supervisor.