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If the level of earlier PPC recognition is a good predictor of the level of NCQA recognition attained in 2009 or 2010, however, it is likely that on average the consenting practices had higher levels of early PPC recognition than the nonconsenting ones.
that are imposed on a nonconsenting individual by a given constitutional
In other words, both the dissent and the majority treat third-party consent cases like any other consent to search cases and disregard the nonconsenting co-occupant/police side of the triangle.
Some pornography does degrade women (and men), involves organized crime, and/or includes nonconsenting participants.
As parental consent was gained for all children in the daylong setting, the exclusion of nonconsenting children was not a concern when collecting data.
This site does not condone attacks on any nonconsenting person.
3) nonconsenting adults may tune in without warning; and (4) the
And while it would seem it should go without saying, it is also important for staff to understand that sexual relationships between staff and residents, nonconsenting adults, or those who do not have the capacity to make the decision to engage in sex, are never appropriate and should be reported to the management team immediately.
It states that Parliament should "pass legislation to ban FGM for children and nonconsenting adult women?
10) An entity that fails to obtain consent from its owners must pay corporate business tax on behalf of the nonconsenting owners on each of the nonconsenting owners' share of the entity's New Jersey income.
This is distinct from the DSM-IV criterion of sexual sadism, which requires the involvement of a nonconsenting individual.
I have thus set up the antithesis as follows: "A majority of self-owners are entitled to give rise to a locally and temporally defined risk for a minority of nonconsenting, other self-owners, whenever deemed necessary for defense or prevention against a situation construed as supra-individual threat invading self-ownership.