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Nanoparticles synthesized by partial imidization of styrene maleic anhydride in the presence of ammonium hydroxide can be coated onto cellulosic (paper) substrates and form a noncontinuous film in order to successfully improve the water repellency and hydrophobicity of the fibrous surface.
They cover the basic science, magnetic interaction between particles, isotropic hyperfine effects in spectra, Zeeman energy (g) anisotropy, hyperfine (A) anisotropy, systems with more than one unpaired electron, paramagnetic species in the gas range, transition-group ions, the interpretation of parameters, relaxation times, linewidths and spin kinetic phenomena, noncontinuous excitation of spins, and double-resonance techniques.
Using a series of questions about women's contraceptive method use during the prior 12 months and whether women were sexually active or pregnant during periods of nonuse, we created a typology that classifies respondents into five groups: continuous users with no method switches, continuous users with one or more method switches, noncontinuous users with gaps in use when they were not at risk for unintended pregnancy, noncontinuous users with gaps in use when they were at risk for unintended pregnancy and nonusers for the entire past 12 months.
Fisher's exact test or Chi-square test, as appropriate, was employed for noncontinuous variables.
The municipality has a noncontinuous water supply (every 2 days) and irregular garbage collection.
Document literacy items are made up of noncontinuous texts (tables, schedules, charts, graphs, or other texts with clearly defined rows and columns).
Singapore) introduce social scientists familiar with classical linear regression to its generalizations for noncontinuous variables.
Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), found little change between 1992 and 2003 in adults' ability to understand continuous text such as newspaper articles (prose literacy) and noncontinuous text such as prescription labels (document literacy).
The main problems of exploitation of shotblast were the caking of shots after the noncontinuous operation of the boiler, corrosion of shots and their loss.
Testing for interactions was accomplished by removing one of the noncontinuous discrete independent variables, e.