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The third party payment company takes the cooperation strategy, the telecom carrier takes the noncooperation strategy
In the instant case, Defendants' claim of noncooperation involves Plaintiff's delay in submitting the jet washer, allegedly damaged in the fire, to Erie for inspection and testing and Plaintiff's refusal to answer a question at the EUO based upon spousal privilege.
The second thing I wish to note is that, in addressing this topic, we will see there is a distinction in the literature of nonviolent resistance, between civil disobedience or noncooperation as a tactic to achieve a social or political goal, and nonviolence as an unconditional moral principle.
In countless essays and books--most notably The Politics of Nonviolence (1973) and Social Power and Political Freedom (1980)--Gene Sharp, 75, has investigated the many ways citizens have overthrown dictatorships and repelled invaders through organized, nonviolent noncooperation.
The logic that seems to escape Wallis and many who espouse similar views is this: A pledge of no military attack in exchange for cooperation is absolutely worthless unless you are genuinely ready and willing to attack in response to noncooperation.
The Athens News Agency reported at the time that the reason for the noncooperation was that "Stone's vision of the life of Alexander the Great would differ markedly from the historical version.
The Awami League, which suffered a surprise defeat in Bangladesh's parliamentary elections Monday, on Thursday demanded the election results be annulled by Wednesday next week or else it will launch a noncooperation movement.
This latter finding was based on the taxpayers' noncooperation and nonresponsiveness throughout the audit and during the court proceedings, including the discovery process.
And given the frenzy in Miami, Gore's calls to hand Elian over to Florida's family court gave instant comfort to Mayor Penelas and Cuban-American leaders in their threatened noncooperation with federal judicial authority.
Either fists, gulas, armies, bombs and nukes, or the force of justice, the force of shared wealth, the force of organized resistance to Caesar or the Pharaohs, the force of noncooperation with injustice, and the strongest force of all, love.