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It's blockage of control by noncooperation and disobedience--a persistent maintenance of the independence, the autonomy, of civil society.
8, Zirfi said, "The state's ministries, especially the service ones, do not cooperate with the province's authority; and the province's authority started to take measures against those ministries in response to their noncooperation in the field of investment and services provided to the public.
his regime's noncooperation with arms inspectors and its blocking of UN-requested surveillance flights (which Iraq permitted to resume following Powell's February 5th speech), and threats against scientists who cooperate with the UN.
The impact of the new standard is hard to measure, but watchdog groups worry it has turned foot dragging and noncooperation o n FOIA requests into official policy.
Garcetti went public with his charge of noncooperation and Parks responded by accusing the district attorney of dragging his feet in prosecuting Rampart officers and of failing to set up proper procedures for handling investigative reports.
The accord gives a clear message of an end to tension, absence of dialogue, noncooperation and divided mindset between South and North Korea, the government-owned Gorkhapatra said.
14, 1992 the IMF issued a declaration of noncooperation regarding Zaire.
Baker was making a broader point that the atmosphere of the upper ranks of management was poisoned by noncooperation and backbiting,'' said Herbert Gooch, chairman of the California Luthern University political science department and longtime city and county government observer.
It accounts for problems of coordination and "holdout" threats of noncooperation.
KARACHI -- More than 1,000 cases have been reported to be pending in the anti-terrorism courts (ATCs) due to noncooperation between provincial Interior Department Section Officer and Sindh Police.
The victim's family members accused the local police of noncooperation.
Expressing concern of noncooperation of the Camp's residents and their leadership with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Observers; urging them to accept presented offers to resettle them.