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BPAQ, total, and subscale scores were found to be significantly higher in the criminal group than in the noncriminal group (Table 4).
Indeed, even absent a criminal investigation, you could still be forced to divulge your client's communications with you (in a divorce proceeding, for example) because in California, the privilege may only be asserted in noncriminal cases before the State Board of Equalization or the FTB [see Revenue and Taxation Code secs.
At other times, however, noncriminal justice actors can work against certain criminal law enforcement goals.
About two-thirds of those suspensions are for minor infractions, including nonviolent, noncriminal and nondrug offenses, according to the report released Tuesday by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice.
It appears that unsealing will occur by operation of law if a person is arrested for any misdemeanor or felony; however, a misdemeanor or felony arrest that results in a noncriminal conviction (disorderly conduct or a traffic infraction) will trigger the resealing by operation of law.
The statute prohibits the funds to be used in criminal or postconviction relief matters; for lobbying activities; to sue the state, its agencies or political subdivisions, or colleges or universities; for class action lawsuits; to provide legal assistance with respect to noncriminal infractions pursuant to Chapters 316, 318, 320, or 322; to contest regulatory decisions of any municipal, county, or state administrative or legislative body; or to file or assist in the filing of private causes of action under federal or state statutes relating to or arising out of employment or terms or conditions of employment.
The new panels will look into cases related to financial matters and noncriminal violations," said Labor Minister Adel Fakeih.
From federal agencies independently attaching jail time to otherwise noncriminal behavior to US lawmakers punishing crimes best dealt with by states, the problem of overcriminalization is growing.
However, it is more limited in scope than the attorney-client privilege, in that it applies only in noncriminal proceedings before the IRS and federal courts.
The privilege, which may be asserted in noncriminal tax proceedings in federal court, is an extension of the attorney-client privilege to tax advice provided by nonattorney tax practitioners.
THE vicious assault by the combined council/police action against parents taking and picking up their children from school highlights once again the pathetic priorities these people put on penalising the noncriminal, decent, law-abiding citizens who care more for their children's safety than Birmingham City councillors and police do.
Moral intuitions have particular salience in the realm of white collar offenses, where the conduct itself may be morally ambiguous, and the line between criminal and noncriminal conduct is most difficult to draw.