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He was even less popular than nonentity bore Georgia Nobody.
Liberal Democrats may be encouraged to get uppity by their nonentity of a deputy leader, Simon Hughes, especially if they do not get their way in the electoral reform referendum" - Sir Bernard Ingham.
He's a pedestrian and predictable nonentity with a heavily pregnant wife who is expecting their third child.
It's just another power base for some political nonentity who wants to put up your council tax and not mend potholes.
Certain enemies used to talk about erasing the name of Pakistan from the map of the world claiming that Pakistan would be a nonentity in 2012, he said adding but their designs had been thwarted.
If a nonentity such as E Thompson turned up to turn the lights on, I would have still turned up so see our up and coming talent.
By the way, I see one political critic argued that "Bush the nonentity is a nonentity once more" and added that this was "an irrefutable argument for democracy".
DW I mewn tipyn o benbleth dyddie 'ma ynghylch beth ddylen i gefnogi - Strictly Come Duncing, X-fixer neu I'm a Nonentity.
Remember Leo Sayer and his prima donna strops, Jade Goody herself exposed as the nonentity she really is, Les Dennis and Vanessa Feltz cracking under the strain.
Start guessing which nonentity will be crawling out of the woodwork this year.
If some nonentity from the BNP had made the comments they would have been attacked - probably by Straw and Woolas.
Generous in the past when more than pounds 100million was spent, Doug now digs in his heels as Aston Villa melt into nonentity.