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but in the case of Our New Orleans, it is, after the listing of the musician's names, the most important part of this package," said Nonesuch President Robert Hurwitz "Everyone wanted to help-studios that insisted on contributing free time, caterers, photographers and videographers, instrument rentals, producers, engineers-all donated their time selflessly; our corporate parent, which donated all of the recording costs; our manufacturer, which donated all of the printing and pressing costs; our distributor, which donated all of the distribution costs-every step down the line, people gave, not only their profits, but absorbed all of their costs.
Nonesuch is a label in the Warner family that runs more autonomously.
The last couple of releases for Nonesuch - last year's El Camino and Brothers from 2010 - went platinum or gold in numerous countries around the globe, UK and USA included.
Your powdered face flashes when I cross Nonesuch River.
And I can still recall my grandfather being asked about his Peasegood Nonesuch or his Lanes Prince Albert," said Hilary.
AT THE RECEPTION Nonesuch Records held last fall to launch its videocassette series, The Balanchine Library, company president Robert Hurwitz said that producer-directors Merrill Brockway and the late Emile Ardolino trusted George Balanchine's work as Balanchine trusted the music.
com) Nonesuch debut, Pagina de Buenos Aires, he evokes his native Buenos Aires through his innovative use of the bandoneon, the accordion-like instrument at the heart of all tango.
Soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian and her pianist husband, Serouj Kradjian, are nominated in the Best Classical Vocal category for their Nonesuch release, Gomidas Songs; soprano Karina Gauvin is featured on the CPO release of Rameau's Psyche, nominated in the Best Opera Category; and East Village Opera Company, founded by Ottawa-born Tyler Ross and Peter Kiesewalter, is a nominee in the Best Classical Crossover category for their Decca release, Olde School.
Jac Holzman was the founder, chief executive officer and creative head of both the Elektra and Nonesuch imprints.
Perhaps the original cast album, just released on Nonesuch Records, will help accomplish that.
1918) about the time I became acquainted with this magazine, about 25 years or so ago, when I picked up a Nonesuch recording of his Third String Quartet, and I wrote a review of that LP that was published in these pages (I had thought about looking up a copy of that review so that I could quote from it, but the really old copies of the magazine are buried in some drawer somewhere, and even if I could work up enough energy on this beautiful late-summer Saturday morning to look for it, I would probably be paying for it the rest of the day with respiratory distress brought on by all the dust and mold I would no doubt stir up).
Larsen's works are widely recorded on such labels as Angel/EMI, Nonesuch, Decca and Koch International Classics.