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This and other counterintuitive implications of the Person Affecting Restriction in combination with the negative answer to the existential question have led philosophers to abandon the restriction (the majority) or to accept not only that existence can be better or worse for a person than non-existence but also that a non-existent person has a certain welfare level (namely, zero welfare) and that, consequently, nonexistence can be better or worse for that non-existent person than a life at some specified level of welfare.
In early 70's, Levine [1,2] introduced the concavity method and established the global nonexistence results both for parabolic and hyperbolic equations.
It is maintained that it is impossible to compare the harm of existence in a defective state with the supposed harm of nonexistence because we have no cognitive access to the latter state.
In proselytizing on behalf of Marxist revolution, Reich explained: "We do not discuss the existence or nonexistence of God--we merely eliminate the sexual repressions and dissolve the infantile ties to the parents.
The all-events test is based on the existence or nonexistence of legal rights or obligations at the close of a particular accounting period .
We risk building into nonexistence the important links in a green structure which are needed to build a city based upon ecological principles.
GWYNFOR EVANS wrote in 1975: ``It is essential for Welsh political health to establish the fact of the nonexistence of the allied British nation.
But too many times the author uses phrases like "more correct" (as if matters of ornamentation were not endlessly debatable) and tends to impart too much significance to the musical text (in the spirit of our age, which tends to overemphasize the role of the Urtext), interpreting every nonexistence of a slur as prima facie evidence that the passage in question could not possibly be played legato.
He summed it up in his prophecy for the rest of human history: "Nonviolence or nonexistence.
A second justification used for both the existence and the nonexistence of grade inflation was teaching/grading methodology - in particular the mastery learning approach.
In the second comparison, however, the pleasures of the existent, although good, are not a real advantage over nonexistence, because the absence of pleasures is not bad.
Four years later, Peter Stearns detected a dramatic rise in fortunes: the study of old age in past times had emerged "from virtual nonexistence to its current status as a promising and provocative subfield of social history.