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Starting in November 2004, Ovsepyan allegedly supplemented his income from Forest Lawn Memorial-Park, where he sold grave plots for a living, by selling nonexistent plots as well.
Then we discuss two classical statistics models, a nonexistent laboratory-effects model and a random laboratory-effects model, based on Assumption I.
Nevertheless, childhood illnesses were virtually nonexistent, and there had never been a single case of TB in the village.
Prior to the mid-1990s, the Balkan sex trade was practically nonexistent.
In Toronto, Prince George, Whitehorse, and other places, records tying the donated semen with patients to conceive were incomplete or nonexistent.
Many discussed the relationship of nonexistent civil rights and the collective self-image of gay men.
Because of the rarity of laryngectomy, and the fact that medical training on this procedure is almost nonexistent, the organization seeks to provide supplemental education, to help therapists work effectively with laryngectomees.
Statewide plans to ensure funding and resources to address Y2K are insufficient or nonexistent.
From the long, noble and utterly twisted tradition of Canadian parody/comedy comes Harry Knuckles, a clever trailer for a nonexistent action film.
These tax-savings opportunities include properly categorizing assets and identifying nonexistent, nontaxable, overvalued or obsolete assets.
The book also provides a previously nonexistent baseline for further evaluation of the hazards of the worldwide increase in the size of human beings.
The panel also concluded that "channeling of patient choice is sufficient to show injury to consumers" and that injury to competition could be proven even if injury to the consumer was "practically nonexistent.