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The note explicitly states that it has been prepared by " nonexpert MHA officers".
At two points during the race when his strength and will both flagged slightly -- not surprisingly for a nonexpert runner -- he turned a corner and saw his wife and two daughters waving a Palestinian flag.
Brown writes that "most current advisory committee guidelines rest on an untenable double-standard that directs agencies to evaluate potential expert members of advisory committees solely in terms of their professional qualifications and nonexpert members in terms of their 'political interests'" (2008, 548).
When you start adding connecting flights and hotels and other options, that's when it gets complicated for the nonexpert.
Issuers advised by expert agents agree to more investor-friendly terms than issuers advised by nonexpert agents.
Nonexpert users might be particularly reluctant to use PCPs linked with other views because PCPs often feature sophisticated functionality with many interaction techniques implemented and are visually cluttered (Heinrich and Weiskopf 2013).
115) Sometimes, in fact, a state court would instead rely heavily on the admission of a state attorney general or a nonexpert state witness that same-sex couples were doing a good job rearing the children in their households (116)--as if such an admission could substitute for an expert analysis of a notoriously complex area.
However, that figure for last season is eye-catching and my, admittedly, nonexpert eyes have not been able to find anything in the accounts to explain why it's so high compared to other years.
What any reader of an encyclopaedia expects is accuracy of information, good summaries, and presentation of material by experts for a nonexpert audience.
116) As in Scharf and Rolfs, on recommendation of a nonexpert (their real estate agent), the taxpayers contributed the property to the local fire department without ever having lived in it.
It also is noted that while the PSS modeling process was transparent to the site-selection team, nonexpert and/ or third-party audiences would likely require considerable effort to ensure the workings of the model were clearly understood.
Functionalist criticism, in making for itself densely complex professional vocabularies, cuts itself off from a wider public of nonexpert readers.