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One of the main reasons is its noninclusion in Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission ( JNURM) which carries 20 marks.
It then becomes harder to discriminate eligibility between groups on a racial or ethnic basis, even if there are examples in American history where a policy taken under the guise of universal coverage de facto favored one group over the others--see how African Americans were excluded from New Deal measures crafted to favor whites through the exclusion of occupations dominated by African Americans as well as by the noninclusion of nondiscrimination clauses (Katznelson 2005).
by the Specific Claims Tribunal that the Kitselas First Nation had validly established that the Crown breached its legal obligation as a result of the noninclusion of a 10.
243, 254 (2011) (identifying the noninclusion of air rage as one of the instrument' shortcomings).
He reported on the hoo-hah that greeted that third Test team announcement and how so many analysts and commentators rushed to condemn O'Driscoll's noninclusion.
If that was the case, efforts to increase the penetration of bank account ownership would not address the underlying cause of noninclusion.
the Constitution's noninclusion of any reference to lower federal
The circumstances surrounding Rio's noninclusion in the England squad is stuff and nonsense.
In part, this may reflect the absence of relevant variables in the database or their noninclusion in analyses.
Thirteen-year-olds may be too young to detect the impact of exit exams, while the sample of 17-year-olds suffers from the noninclusion of school dropouts.
Evaluation capability depends on 3 characteristics: sample commutability, process for target value assignment, and inclusion or noninclusion of replicate samples.