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I compare the status of the norm of noninterference over time in three regions, which together make up a large portion of the Global South: Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.
To fill in the gap between the rhetoric and the reality of noninterference, Jones advances a context-sensitive approach to explain the interventions and noninterventions within ASEAN.
The negative variety is freedom as noninterference.
Jones breaks the myth of consistent noninterference by walking the reader through various episodes of ASEAN intervention such as the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975, Vietnam's toppling of Pol Pot and rule in Cambodia for a decade after, ASEAN's opposition to the pro-Vietnamese leaders in Cambodia and support of the Khmer Rouge, the support of authoritarian forces in Burma and elsewhere and later boosting of democracy in Burma/Myanmar after 2003, support of the humanitarian intervention in East Timor in 1999, and the conditionality of ASEAN membership for Myanmar and Cambodia.
Questions of sovereignty and noninterference must be seen in a new context.
ASEAN's policies of noninterference and consensus-style decision-making have served the group well but have diluted previous attempts to deal with regional problems like sanctions on countries such as Myanmar over its poor human rights record, he said.
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Monday that Myanmar's decision to forego its turn to chair ASEAN's annual meetings has showed the organization's maturity, upholding human rights while adhering to its noninterference principles.
Despite Myanmar's spotty human rights record causing trouble for ASEAN on the international stage, ASEAN has never taken punitive action against the country in line with its noninterference policy.
Despite its spotty human rights record, ASEAN has never acted against the country because of its noninterference policy.
An ASEAN experts' group said Tuesday it will review the group's ''sacred'' principle of noninterference and its policy of decision-making by consensus.
Although the statement appeared somewhat mild and Suu Kyi's name was not mentioned, it is still considered a major change of direction for ASEAN, which zealously guards its policy of noninterference in each other's internal affairs, to be even this explicit about any member's behavior.
Countries neighboring Afghanistan will sign a declaration of friendship and noninterference on Sunday in Kabul, a Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday.