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with the lottery paradox or other nonlegal cases where talk of
909, 919 (2011) ("If binding, primary authority is at the top of the hierarchy of traditional legal authority, then nonlegal sources are at the bottom.
entities, provided that no nonlawyer or nonlegal entity involved in the
19) No demographic indicators were statistically significant either: neither one's gender, race, income, age, education, surroundings, sexual orientation, nor the respondents' stated number of friends affected their perception of the dispute as legal or nonlegal in statistically significant ways.
This thesis is the foundation of the progressive idea that nonlegal rights and institutions, from the family and matrimony to property and the market, are paradigms of repression.
Among the many effects of that increase in nonlegal residents, says Kelly, is that a growing part of Bushwick's labor force is at risk of losing their jobs through federal enforcement actions.
While law firms have outsourced various aspects of legal-related projects for nearly a century, the American Bar Association issued Formal Opinion 08-451, "Lawyer's Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services in August 2008.
The contract guaranteed PPDLAP state funding for one year and required MHP to provide culturally competent legal and nonlegal advocacy, education, and technical assistance to parents with psychiatric disabilities (Continued funding remains uncertain in this economic climate).
To the extent that legal sanctions are weak, however, their validity depends upon consensus, and thus as "living" law, they become nearly indistinguishable from nonlegal or customary norms.
In addition to enrollment declines, what worries some educators here is that nonlegal residents--some of whom were brought to the U.
Transitional justice is perfect for dealing with the legacies of mass violations of human rights in conflict-ridden areas, as there is not only a legal response to these legacies but also nonlegal, dealing with healing.