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2009), which explained that "the absence of a duty of care renders the defendant nonliable as a matter of law because his, or her or its actions are .
When it comes to actively causing harm to the nonliable or nonthreatening, the appeal to cost seems to operate (if at all) at the level of culpability, but not at the level of justification.
They knowingly provoke or set in motion decisions and actions by other parties that they know will result in nonliable, nonthreatening people being harmed.
The calculation of a taxpayer's future ability to pay when living expenses are shared with a nonliable person.
There seems, moreover, to be no reason to discount the weight of these harms relative to that of harms to other innocent or nonliable people that U.
Other jurisdictions permit one spouse's creditors to attach the other spouse's interest in TE property, subject to the nonliable spouse's rights.
with the land, but can only be invoked by nonliable successors.
7122-1T(b)(3)(iii)(A) and (B) provides that, if a taxpayer is offering to compromise a tax liability for which his spouse has no liability, the assets and income of the nonliable spouse generally will not be considered in determining the adequacy of the offer by the liable spouse.
131) In other words, section 107 had to be broadly interpreted to afford a cause of action to liable and nonliable parties alike.
Is a nonliable individual being blamed for the taxpayer's noncompliance?
If a nonliable individuals is blamed for the taxpayer's noncompliance, what is that person's relationship to the taxpayer?