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greatly concerned with the implications of man's way of life; the other, the abstract and nonobjective, absorbed in its own plastic problems, and not involved with the human prospect.
review the difference between representational and nonobjective art.
Have each student select a color scheme and create a nonobjective painted surface inspired by the music.
create four nonobjective patterns, which will eventually grace the face of a faux-Swatch watch.
To help speed its arrival, I used the work of Georgia O'Keeffe and lots of springtime flowers to brighten our spirits in a painting project that focused on realistic, abstract, and nonobjective styles of art.
He might sound like he's channeling Malevich, but unlike those of the Russian Suprematist, his spiritual aspirations do not result in pure nonobjective images.
These might be angular or curvy nonobjective compositions, or they could be representational, such as the simplified portrait on the opposite page.
Artists include Robert Adams, with pop-influenced mixed-media work; Michael Boonstra, with ``Environmental Explorations''; Blue Mitchell, with "Mythos," Jill Cardinal, showing gouache paintings; nonobjective paintings by the late Maude Kerns; and Daniel Heila, with "Wetlands: Distant Progress.
Display posters of nonobjective master artworks to underscore the idea that not all artwork has to be about recognizable objects.
But the way Ann Pibal titles her paintings really does correspond to an important aspect of the paintings, namely a sort of agnosticism about whether abstraction should be strictly nonobjective, a self-contained construct eschewing all reference to the outside world, or should instead evoke aspects of reality but in an indirect way.
Kandinsky's canvases were the first to completely eliminate any recognizable objects with their colorful and sometimes explosive, sometimes highly organized, arrangements of colors and shapes, which opened the door for more nonobjective works of the 20th century.
White Lotus Gallery has put together an exhibit of nonobjective art from the gallery's artists and its collection.