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If this is right, then if the leaders of the United States also had limited access to military resources and failed to carry out their post bellum duties in Afghanistan in order to use those military resources to fight another nonobligatory war, like the war in Iraq, then the losses experienced by the Afghan people due to lessened security would count in the proportionality calculation for the Iraq war.
Based on our historical results, the proposed 46% rate increase should eliminate our further reliance on these nonobligatory payments, even with projected cost increases and enlargement of the client base.
When they reviewed independent variables in studies examining instruction in natural environments, they coded whether interactions were reported to be one of the following formats: teacher-initiated, obligatory, following a least-to-most sequence, child-initiated, nonobligatory, based on modeling, based on time delay, a combination of child- and teacher-initiated, following a most-to-least sequence, or others.
However, due to differences in sample length, and the nonobligatory nature of aspect markers, absolute number of aspect markers used sheds little light on difference in language performance.
NCT is shown to be only partly correct: evil acts, in being forbidden ones, lack symmetry with supererogatory ones inasmuch as the latter are nonobligatory.
Twenty-two of the 24 futility documents specifically defined circumstances in which treatments should be considered nonobligatory, even if requested by the patient or the patient's representative.
Patients themselves may also pressure physicians to extract contractually nonobligatory reimbursements from third-party payers.
In order to highlight their own contribution to conversation as relevant and noteworthy (thereby justifying self-selection), speakers introduce their turn with a nonobligatory contrastive 1SG pronoun, even if the propositional content of their turn does not actually contrast with the preceding turn, as in Me, I like this color.
All but two of the hospital policies "defined circumstances in which treatments should be considered nonobligatory even if requested by the patient or patient representative.
2) Putting it in terms of what is nonobligatory, we can say that a treatment may be refused if it is either useless or burdensome.
ordinary in the practice of medicine) can be extraordinary and nonobligatory from the viewpoint of morality.
Judgments about the obligatory or nonobligatory character of measures to preserve life are to be made in terms of burden and benefit to the patient.