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The Fifth Circuit rejected Garcia's disparate impact claim, reasoning that there is no disparate impact if the policy in question is "one that the affected employee can readily observe and nonobservance is a matter of individual preference.
In the course of the transition period, there will be no removal of a subscribing country's metadata from the DSBB except in cases of egregious nonobservance.
For example, the nonobservance of spirochetes does not rule out the presence of spirochetes in the tick or the presence of disease in patients.
What is crucial here, however, is that in most cases the venerated object (person or truth) takes on quasi-divine qualities, and that observance of the cult created around it supposedly leads to redemption, while nonobservance leads to eternal damnation.
In most fashion journalism aside from Nickerson's, the modern woman, timeless in her nonobservance of her city, of the world, might consider dressing for less but is ultimately embarrassed by the idea.
In completing the review, the Executive Board also granted waivers for the nonobservance of performance criteria regarding gross credit to government, and non-accumulation of external arrears, based on their minor and temporary nature and the corrective measures put in place by the authorities.
The halt to payments under operational programs and the incapability of the state to recover payments from the European Commission for eight months has created a real threat of failure to implement construction contracts, thereby causing huge damage to the state as a result of the nonobservance of EU commitments," the Chamber said in its letter.
In completing the first review, the Executive Board also approved the authorities requests for a waiver for nonobservance of the end-December 2013 performance criterion on net domestic financing, and for modification of the continuous performance criterion on non-concessional external debt and modification of the performance criterion on net domestic financing for the end-June and end-December 2014 periods.
Gurock's "Rethinking the History of Nonobservance as an American Orthodox Jewish Lifestyle.
stating a statute falls into desuetude only when a custom of its nonobservance can be deduced).
Supervisors' sloppiness or incompetence resulted in 'the nonobservance of the most elementary rules of conspiracy.
kashrut represents a larger ethical worldview, one inconsistent with nonobservance of the Sabbath).