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149) In contrast to today's de facto rule of immunity--even for nonofficial acts clearly outside the scope of the diplomatic mission--a functional necessity approach allows plaintiffs to have their cases decided on the merits.
The United States has enjoyed good relations with Ghana at a nonofficial, people-to-people level since Ghana's independence.
Ratings set forth by government agencies are known as official; those implemented by private organizations are known as nonofficial (Zhan-Qing & Liu, 1993, as cited in Narangajavana & Hu, 2008).
Martineau, Disciplining Judges for Nonofficial Conduct: A Survey and Critique of the Law, 10 U.
Supposedly confidential files on another three personalities and a GAA star were also checked for nonofficial Garda business.
They offered a completely different, nonofficial, extraecclesiastical and extrapolitical aspect of the world, of man, and of human relations; they built a second world and a second life outside officialdom" (5-6).
Jerrod Henschel of Michels and John Fluharty of Mears updated attendees on PCCA's efforts to ensure that wage classifications on prevailing wage projects match up with the work actually being performed on those projects, as well as an outreach to the Department of Transportation about hours-of-service rules during nonofficial emergencies.
ETIC is a track-two effort, meaning that it is voluntary, nonofficial, nonbinding, not for profit, and nongovernmental.
In particular, the 'Education Reform' (Avalos, 1992; Matane, 1986) led to attempts to introduce student-centred teaching, albeit with some official and nonofficial disagreement (Department of Education, 1991; O'Donoghue, 1994, 1995).
This article also draws on a collection of official and nonofficial reports on major event security such as postevent analyses from government and nongovernmental observers, documents gathered from various levels of government in Canada through Freedom of Information requests, and trade publications such as Emergency Management and Frontline Security.
The source said that Yemeni Defense, Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, assigned a committee to contact and coordinate with official and nonofficial authorities in Syria, as well as contacting the International Committee of the Red Cross and other concerned international organizations to secure the release of the detainees.
But festival-goers who bought tickets from nonofficial retailers, such as eBay, will not get their money back.