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A direct comparison with the nonparametric statistic Wilcoxon paired test gives a z = 2.
The best point estimate of MV has now changed, depending upon how it is measured (traditional parametric statistics [mean], traditional nonparametric statistics [median], or simple averages), as the following shows:
Nonparametric statistics were used to determine the reference interval, and outliers were included in the analysis.
While no quantitative model will probably ever perfectly meet such criteria, one existing class of nonparametric statistics, rank correlation statistics, comes close.
1980, Practical Nonparametric Statistics (New York: John Wiley).
He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the coauthor of Nonparametric Statistics for Science and Engineering
With examples, illustrations and accessible text Stapleton describes discrete probability models, special discrete distributions, continuous random variables, special continuous and conditional distributions, moment generating functions and limit theory, estimation, testing of hypotheses, the multivariate normal (as well as chi-square, t and F distributions) nonparametric statistics, linear statistical models, and frequency data.
The MoM values were illustrated in a box-and-whisker plot, and the comparisons across generated groups was performed with nonparametric statistics.