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This species probably won't survive the forthcoming winter, but it seems likely that the stunning Clifden Nonpareil and possibly even the Rosy Underwing, have already established footholds in southern England.
We know that Barnard's Baker, Gateshead Lemon Pippin, Hebburn Red and Teesdale Nonpareil are all old Durham varieties and that they would in all likelihood have been common in this area.
Almond breeders will tell you that Tuono is simply not as attractive as California's most popular almond, Nonpareil, because Tuono has a hairy texture to the seed coat.
But the island's nonpareil restaurant is most definitely The Cliff, thanks to its stunning views, sumptuous menu and star-studded clientele.
After 15 years and more MIs, EKGs, tox screens and central line insertions than it is possible to count, the nonpareil of medical dramas is about to leave us.
As season two of the critical darling "Mad Men" opens, adman nonpareil Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is subjecting himself -- against his will, it's clear, if unspoken -- to a medical checkup.
Summary: Nail Moda Salon - the nail service experts that specialize in hand and feet care for women and that offer a holistic and relaxing pampering experience - announced earlier that its nonpareil salon has been recognized for its distinctive work in delivering women fashionable, stylish, chic or elegant nails; by being given three coveted awards at the regionCOs most celebrated beauty industry event Co the Beauty World Middle East Nail Competition 2008.
Bobby Harper's sensitive intellect as well as her eyes and fingers sifted through thousands of pages of Yeats materials over forty years, a scholarly helpmate nonpareil.
In all his ironic wit and benevolent humor, Cervantes's narrator, that nonpareil master of the intertext, could not have put it better
The county supervisors signed agreements with an architectural firm to conduct a feasibility study, according to Council Bluffs' The Daily Nonpareil.
One wishes she had applied her nonpareil gifts of observation more generously.