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BEIRUT: The March 14 coalition is proposing the formation of a nonpartisan government that would exclude all major political parties in a bid to break the two-month-long Cabinet deadlock, former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said Sunday.
The nonpartisan group, headed by former LDP Secretary General Makoto Koga, visits the shrine every year on the occasions of its spring and fall festivals as well as for the Aug.
Officials with the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office said they are addressing the problem, which has affected about 3,000 so-called "crossover" nonpartisan voters.
Candidates seeking nonpartisan local offices and the major party nominations for state offices also have submitted information about themselves for the upcoming election.
Judges up for retention must meet with a judicial performance review commission (appointed similarly to the nonpartisan selection commission) to evaluate their performance.
Understanding Social Security: The Issues and Alternatives, the comprehensive, nonpartisan analysis that the AICPA released in 1998, is being updated to provide policymakers the same thoughtful discussion of options for reforming Social Security that was available to them during the last major congressional debate on Social Security.
The construction industry surpasses all other industries in New York City in providing a ladder into the middle class for workers with limited formal schooling," said James Parrott, deputy director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonpartisan research and education organization that focuses on fiscal, economic and labor market issues, wrote the report's strategic plan.
Although the startlingly earnest editors "all have been politically active in Democratic and progressive politics" (as they dutifully disclose), the site has been scrupulously nonpartisan in its debunking of media myths and lancing of rhetorical hyperbole, from Michael Moore and Robert Scheer to Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity.
The Urban Institute a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research and education organization that examines social, economic, and governance challenges facing the nation has just published a nearly 300-page book on the topic of tax justice.
The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) is an independent, professional, nonpartisan agency in the legislative branch that is commonly referred to as the investigative arm of Congress.
It describes itself as "a voluntary, employee-supported nonpartisan political action committee that supports local, state and national candidates who favor limited government, low taxes and a vibrant free enterprise system.
The ICPAC membership itself was bipartisan, and the proposals contained in the Final Report were nonpartisan.