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196 (1972) (describing nonpartisanship as "neutral competence--performance according to explicit, objective standards rather than .
A common criticism is that a growing tendency by retired military elites to publicly campaign for specific candidates signals an alarming move away from the tradition of nonpartisanship.
Independence and nonpartisanship are core Institute values that inform
Irvine: I've been at the council so long that confidentially and nonpartisanship is as natural as breathing.
Incorporating an oversight and prepublication review process that ensured nonpartisanship, OTA studies supplied extensive useful information.
Maybe that nonpartisanship was why, in a recent public-television-sponsored campaign to choose Bulgaria's top event of the 20th century, the audience chose "the miracle of Bulgarian opera voices.
In this section, I argue that fundamental institutional changes, like changes of the constitutional document, should be significantly constrained to further important goals, such as consensus, nonpartisanship, and more accurate decision making.
But Eisenhower had few illusions about the limits of this nonpartisanship.
Dahabi also stressed "objective criticism" and urged the media to shun slander of personality and abide by ethical standards, mainly neutrality and nonpartisanship.
But repeatedly the leaders, some of whom have been quite partisan, have been very careful about protecting our nonpartisanship.
After noting a nominal nonpartisanship of NHF's membership, Bechtel wrote: "What the NHF does take a position on is health freedom and health-freedom policy; and what we have noticed over the many decades of our existence is the fact that the Democratic Party--all media hype aside--is the most anti-health freedom party in America.
The act fights corruption and political machines while trying to preserve the appearance of nonpartisanship, gain respect for the government, and ensure a professional civil service that protects the rights of the people.