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It doesn't bother me in the least," Fred Winegar said of the nonpaying fans.
They focused on sex workers' condom use with both regular paying and regular nonpaying partners, with whom condom use in the Dominican Republic has been observed to be much lower than with new clients.
The requirement has widespread backing among state child support agency directors, who use the numbers to track down nonpaying parents and pursue enforcement actions, such as license suspensions, liens against property or tax intercepts.
For example, the child support agreement (or a separate agreement) could state that amounts required to be expended by the custodial parent because of unpaid child support become a debt from the nonpaying parent to the custodial parent.
Riley argued that not just the patient, but everyone was losing--insurance companies were raising their rates and the counties and the hospitals were losing money because of nonpaying patients.
a Dallas-based energy company, to improve corporate earnings, including disconnecting service to nonpaying customers.
There are also the new schools that must be built, the emergency rooms overwhelmed with nonpaying patients and a jammed transportation system - costs borne disproportionately by local taxpayers.
An example of a more constructive approach would be to help indigent patients maximize their use of all possible entitlement resources, thereby moving them from nonpaying (nonsupportive) to at least partially paying mixed-blessing).
Hansell, whose nomination to this nonpaying position is subject to City Council confirmation, will continue to work full-time as a complex business litigator at LeBoeuf.
SBC has a knothole-gang feature in right field, where nonpaying fans can peer onto the field through an open section of fence.
Cordial said the Solari group has been able to weed out the nonpaying tenants who put an even greater financial burden on the project because there weren't enough residents.
Most of the recycled goods at Arttype Business Machines are copy machines that have been returned at the end of a lease; others have been repossessed from nonpaying customers.