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In this framework, the expected loss ceded is reduced by the expected loss from counterparty nonperformance, and the capital liberated is reduced by the amount of capital required to cover nonperformance risk.
Nonperformance scripts are on reserve in the college library.
Fitch views the risk of nonperformance under the T&D agreement as minimal given the importance of the LOCAP pipeline in meeting the refinery feedstock needs of the T&D obligors.
Coverages will include general liability, workers' compensation, specific policies for nonperformance by key cast members, and errors-and-omissions policies for protection against plagiarism allegations.
With more than a dozen performance and nonperformance majors, a diverse and talented student body representing 70-plus countries, and a music industry "who's who" of alumni, Berklee is the world's premier learning lab for the music of today and tomorrow.