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Of the eight studies we examined, three overestimate proximal populations potentially at risk by including nonproducing or not yet drilled wells and/or by using inappropriate population allocation methods.
He thinks nonproducing TPAs in particular will benefit, as they may be able to win some business from those recordkeeping or advisory firms that have not embraced flat-fee work but have favored business models based on brokerage commissions.
As a result of this study, 3 nonproducing pairs were repaired, and 5 new pairs were formed with positive results.
In many of the studies in the literature, determination of FHP on nonproducing adult animals is the basis for the calculation of minimum quantity of NE, which must be supplied to the animal to keep it in energy equilibrium (Chandramoni et al.
An inoculum effect on other cephalosporin and carbapenem MICs has also been previously documented; several studies have shown that MICs for piperacillintazobactam, and to a lesser extent meropenem, are increased with higher inocula of [beta]-lactamase producing and nonproducing isolates [6, 7, 11-13].
It began to shed, as best it could, its nonproducing inventory so it could ride out the storm when it hit.
8) Imipenem 0 (0) 11(100) Meropenem 0 (0) 11 (100) Polymixin B 11 (100) 0 (0) Colistin 11 (100) 0 (0) Table 2: Susceptibility pattern of MBL nonproducing Pseudomonas aeruginosa (n=56) Antibiotics Number (%) Sensitive Resistant Amikacin 29 (51.
Mack said the results show increased job growth for a number of nonproducing states that manufacture equipment needed for shale oil and gas production and transportation.
Three nonproducing countries actively participate in world pepper trading, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands.
Mortgage holders' capital is tied up in illiquid, nonproducing mortgages.