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Given that some strategic groups are not service dependent, and that, as shown in Figure 1, service-dependent groups need to manage supplier power, we should expect all groups to do some sourcing from nonspecialist suppliers (Caves, 2000).
counsel as with a nonspecialist lawyer who happened to pick up the case
Extensively researched, the endnotes are kept to a minimum; those who want further information may consult them, but nonspecialists will not be put off.
For this philosophical nonspecialist reviewer--but translator of more than twenty books--this volume proved to be both philosophically instructive as well as a distinct pleasure to read.
Colonial Rosary: The Spanish and Indian Missions of California is a good book for an audience of nonspecialists or first-time visitors to the California missions.
Mann, a writer for Science and The Atlantic, wrote 1491 to present to nonspecialist readers discoveries made in recent decades by historians, archeologists, biologists, and ethnologists studying the indigenous peoples of the Americas.
When Anita Baker joined Larson Allen Weishair in the 1980s, nonspecialist partners performed its EBP audits and the primary resource was the Employee Benefit Plans--AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide.
95) is the first book to provide an intellectual focus on Kabbalah, providing a scholarly study of Jewish mysticism suitable for the nonspecialist as well as the Jewish thinker.
A greater editorial effort within the text to connect the contents of the letters to what was happening in the war at the time, along with footnotes instead of endnotes, would have helped provide the nonspecialist with context necessary to glean the full import of the letters.
Research Articles for which nonspecialist summaries (Science Selections) have been prepared are identified as such with a small red arrow.
Figures from the Department of Education and Skills show that last year 57% of pupils from specialist schools achieved five or more GCSE grades at A*-C, compared with 49% of those attending nonspecialist institutions.
Each area is discussed in detail, using the appropriate technical terminology, but keeping the text accessible to readers from different academic traditions, as well as nonspecialist readers.